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Ashley + Eric :: Goldfield Ghost Town Engagement

She’s an East Coast girl who traveled West and planted roots as a very talented attorney. Ashley is SO impressive, hard-working, motivated, and fun! And for having such a demanding career, she’s managed to make time for what matters most – enter, Eric. This man should be termed the insta-friend. Seriously. It’s nearly impossible to meet him without secretly hoping he’ll pass the note that says, “will you be my bff? circle YES or NO”. Ok, ok. Maybe guys don’t do that, but Eric is SO kind, thoughtful, equally driven, and down-to-earth that they just might. Ashley and Eric are wonderful people together.

After meeting for the first time, it wasn’t long before they both knew. They’d found their someone. The someone who would love them in all their quirks, weaknesses, and strengths. Knowing how much Ashley adores Sprinkles Cupcakes, Eric’s elaborate plan to propose happened right in their shop! Although he had to drag his sweet girl in for a cupcake after the gym, and she didn’t quite catch at first glance that the cupcakes had been arranged to read, ‘Will You Marry Me”, once everything started clicking, she burst with excitement and shock! It couldn’t have been a sweeter proposal!

Ashley + Eric :: UGH! We just couldn’t love you two any more. We’re so thankful to have you in our lives, and I for one can’t wait to force you to hang out with us again :) LOVED this day together and how special you are!!

Goldfield Ghostown 018Arizona EngagementAshley’s red dress from Anthropologie was the perfect pop of color for the wild west! She’s such a beauty.

Goldfield Ghostown 005Arizona EngagementGoldfield Ghostown 001Arizona Engagement


Eric, just being a total stud.

Goldfield Ghostown 003Arizona EngagementGoldfield Ghostown 002Arizona Engagement


They made the wild west look so chic!

Goldfield Ghostown 020Arizona Engagement

Goldfield Ghostown 019Arizona Engagement

Goldfield Ghostown 007Arizona EngagementGoldfield Ghostown 008Arizona Engagement

 This place was SO neat with all the old mining tools! And these babes made it all the more special.

Goldfield Ghostown 022Arizona EngagementGoldfield Ghostown 023Arizona Engagement

Goldfield Ghostown 011Arizona EngagementGoldfield Ghostown 010Arizona Engagement

Ashley is almost always in a dress or skirt, which to me, is precious and so classy! Just like the Queen!

Goldfield Ghostown 024Arizona Engagement

I can’t help but smile when I look at these. And the Superstition mountains were a gorgeous backdrop!

Goldfield Ghostown 014Arizona EngagementGoldfield Ghostown 017Arizona Engagement
Goldfield Ghostown 028Arizona EngagementGoldfield Ghostown 029Arizona Engagement

Goldfield Ghostown 015Arizona EngagementGoldfield Ghostown 013Arizona Engagement

Smitten with them!

Goldfield Ghostown 025Arizona EngagementCannot WAIT for your wedding!!

THANK YOU AVE Styles for the fabulous styling and SN Makeup for working on that beautiful face!

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  1. Babbo

    Congratulations to Ashley and Eric ! Wonderful photography and I so enjoyed the backdrops of the Old Wild West. You are so right, this couple has love written all over their faces for one another. I imagine the wedding will be fantastic! Congrats once again. -Babbo-

  2. Curtis

    Eric said to Ashley
    “I’ll be your huckleberry!”

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