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Brianna + Kevin :: New York Wedding Photography

She was ready. SO ready you could feel it in every breath she took and every word she spoke. She was ready to be the Mrs. to her Mr. and begin a new family.

Bright and early, Brianna woke in the penthouse suite with her precious maid of honor and sister, Francesca, to start hair and makeup. The first thing on her mind was ‘wedding day!’, but in close second was ‘Omg. I need coffee’. Girls poured through the doors, dresses and shoes in-hand, but alas, no coffee. Without having to ask, Kevin had gone out earlier that morning to get his bride her coffee and warm breakfast and had it delivered to the room. In the smallest and sometimes seemingly insignificant ways, Kevin knows how to love Brianna. And blissful as could be, she sipped her first sip and all was right in the world.

Brianna and KevinĀ  are completely adorable. They’re that couple always making faces and blowing kisses across the room because they’re so in like. Yes, LIKE. They absolutely love each other to the bone, but they’re truly one anothers best friend and biggest fan, and it’s plain fun to be around!

This wedding was a first for me. Brianna, being my closest cousin and pseudo-sister, asked that I be in the bridal party. All these years of photographing my dearest friends and family’s weddings, I had never once accepted to be part of the wedding. Thanks to my more than capable partner, Marcus, and our dearest friend Isaac, I was able to shoot for a bit and spend the rest of the day with my beloved family.

B+K :: We love you… and in all the silliness, never-ending dinners, and ugly cries… you are our family, and we love you, love you, love you.

syracuse university wedding030Brianna was bouncing from room to room, SO excited to get in that beautiful gown! Her flawless face was done by the amazing Christina Samuels.

syracuse university wedding042syracuse university wedding043

My beautiful Zia (which means ‘aunt’ in Italian) and I held back tears all morning.

syracuse university wedding062Flowers by the ever-talented, Sue Meola. Sound familiar?

syracuse university wedding044syracuse university wedding049
syracuse university wedding068syracuse university wedding063

syracuse university wedding065syracuse university wedding066

syracuse university wedding070

When Kevin turned around to see Brianna for the first time, he burst into tears! They. are. amazing.

syracuse university wedding032

syracuse university wedding033

Brianna was smart to bring a fur! It was FREEZING and windy, but you’d never know.

syracuse university wedding036

syracuse university wedding050syracuse university wedding051

The gorgeous colors that laced Hendrick’s Chapel were stunning and so Fall.

syracuse university wedding035

syracuse university wedding052syracuse university wedding059

syracuse university wedding069

Syracuse University’s architecture is incredible! And it just happens to be my alma-mater, sooo, it’s doubly beautiful.

syracuse university wedding040

Bri and Kevin were so wrapped in each other, they almost forgot about the bone-chilling breeze.

syracuse university wedding038

syracuse university wedding053syracuse university wedding055


syracuse university wedding037

For being the outdoorsy hunter Kevin is, he was nothing short of the perfect genteman.

syracuse university wedding039

syracuse university wedding058syracuse university wedding057

They were married at Missio Church, where some of our most favorite people in the world attend and serve.

syracuse university wedding060syracuse university wedding061

syracuse university wedding041


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  1. Lauren Cook

    wow. these are amazing photos! Much love to the bride and her groom. xoxo Bri!

  2. Nabob

    Such a beautiful and personal post. The bridal couple look absolutely stunning. Their backdrops are equally spectacular, with the fall colors and grandeur buildings. An excellent posting ! Congratulations to everyone involved!

  3. Bella

    Gorgeous! Best wishes to the beautiful bride and groom.

  4. Zia

    Your superior talent is evident in this post. We are so grateful to you and Marcus such a talented family. The pictures are spectacular ! Thank you for the exceptional visual of Brianna’s fairy tale wedding. Love you

  5. Holly Kingdeski


  6. Pat and Ed Shults-Mom and Dad

    Beautiful. Love you

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