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Chelsa + Barry :: Tucson, AZ Engagement Photography

It was a night out at Hillstone. After some small talk, they realized how much they had in common. More talking turned into flirting, and flirting turned into a walk to the car, and a walk to the car confirmed this was really something special.

Barry is incredible. He owns and runs more companies than my fingers could count, and still makes the time to love his precious lady well and have adventures! He’s golfed all over the country and may or may not consider decorating for Christmas a professional sport. Chelsa is equally incredible, generous, warm-hearted, and just a beautiful soul. Her girlfriends affectionately refer to her as Martha Stewart and she is so talented and organized, she could do pretty much anything. Together, they love good food and festivals, have fabulous taste, and are generous as could be. They’re so outward-focused and always go the extra mile to make sure they’re taking care of the people they love.

Chelsa planned thee perfect day at the Hacienda Del Sol in Tucson. She had previously visited for work and fell in love with the history, food, and colorful elements of the resort.

Chelsa + Barry, THANK YOU!!! Thank you for being the wonderful people you are, together and apart, and for opening your hearts to us. We were spoiled silly by our time with you, watching shooting stars and eating to our heart’s content! This spot will always be special because of you. We’re counting down the days to your wedding!!! LOVE YOU!!!

HUGE hugs to the amazingly wonderful AVE STYLES for styling these lovebirds, and SN Makeup for the flawless face!!! These ladies knock my socks off.

We loved walking the grounds and exploring the nooks and old photos.

When I first saw Chelsa’s ring, I probably stared at it for an hour. It’s so darling!

UGH!! You two are the best and SO in love!

The landscaping and mountainous backdrops were stunning.

The cutest?? A gorgeous, and delicious, bottle of rose champagne with flowers!

CHELSA!! You are breathtaking!!!

I know, right?!

What a beautiful day!!


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  1. Samantha from Imoni Events

    WOW. . . WOW WOW WOW!
    We are so incredibly excited for this wedding!
    Fabulous shots Gina!

  2. Alexandra Evjen

    they look sooooo happy! i love these photos!

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