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Grant + Brittany :: Old Hollywood Glam Wedding

Theirs is a love, set apart. A love that crosses eras with its timeless essence. A love that takes huge leaps, and knows it will survive. A love that changes and develops, because it’s ever-growing. Grant and Brittany are so deeply loved, cared for, and admired. God has crafted a truly amazing team in their oneness, and this wedding was a beautiful reflection of just that. Tasteful, full of heart, and easy.

Grant + Brittany :: Our precious, darling friends. It’s been so clear from the start that God is going to use your life and marriage in ways you can’t even imagine yet. You are pushing each other toward dreams bigger than yourself, and together you are stronger, better, wiser. What an honor to know and love you. We’re so excited for this new season and all the adventures you’ll have in LA! We love you!!!


Brittany readied with SN Makeup at the JW Marriot. This was one of my favorite wedding looks ever!

grant and brittany wedding443

grant and brittany wedding354grant and brittany wedding442

grant and brittany wedding390grant and brittany wedding391

Grant and his best man couldn’t have been more fun. They got ready on a fabulous rooftop downtown!

grant and brittany wedding392grant and brittany wedding394

grant and brittany wedding396grant and brittany wedding395

Love these guys!

grant and brittany wedding423

grant and brittany wedding447

grant and brittany wedding397grant and brittany wedding398

I KNOW! Gorgeous.

grant and brittany wedding425

grant and brittany wedding399grant and brittany wedding400

grant and brittany wedding401grant and brittany wedding402

grant and brittany wedding404grant and brittany wedding406

grant and brittany wedding428Love these two so much!

grant and brittany wedding426

grant and brittany wedding408grant and brittany wedding409

grant and brittany wedding427

grant and brittany wedding430

grant and brittany wedding414grant and brittany wedding415

grant and brittany wedding431

grant and brittany wedding444grant and brittany wedding445

grant and brittany wedding416grant and brittany wedding417

grant and brittany wedding418grant and brittany wedding419

grant and brittany wedding437We loved listening to their vows touch the sky. The Icehouse was a perfect setting for them.

grant and brittany wedding438

grant and brittany wedding421grant and brittany wedding420

Very married.

grant and brittany wedding432

grant and brittany wedding439

grant and brittany wedding351So smitten!! XOXO

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