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Krystin and Collin’s Sedona, Arizona Red Rock Engagement

When Collin and Krystin met, a light turned on inside of them both that hasn’t stopped glowing since. There’s an electricity about them when they’re side by side. Maybe it’s the big laughs, warm hugs, or killer dance moves that initially draws everyone in. But whatever it is, once you’ve experienced all the goodness of Krystin and Collin, there’s no going back.

Both Krystin and Collin are artists and photographers who love to create and see things differently. They share a zest for life, adventure, and delicious food. Krystin is a gorgeous and energetic teacher who is undoubtedly the crush of every boy’s high school heart. And as the head of marketing for a huge candle company, Collin is meticulously organized and pours himself into every project he takes on. When Krystin talks about her sweetheart, her eyes light up about his refreshingly thoughtful and genuine soul, the way he cares for others, and how he cares for her so, so well. It’s clear they feel more like themselves together than apart, which in marriage, is amazing.

K + C :: Ahhhh!! You two totally stole our hearts and are an absolute joy to be around. What a blast to watch you love to be loved by one another. We are beyond thankful for what you will do and be together in this world, and cannot waaaaait for your wedding!!! Love you!!

Thank you to the master of makeup, SN Makeup for those rosy lips and beautiful face! And big kisses to Style Tutor for the fabulous outfit styling!


sedona arizona engagement photography564

sedona arizona engagement photography542sedona arizona engagement photography544

This is gorgeous Chloe! Such a precious addition to the family.

sedona arizona engagement photography567

sedona arizona engagement photography569

Love how playful they are!

sedona arizona engagement photography548sedona arizona engagement photography543

We call this Collin’s Mad Men look.

sedona arizona engagement photography549sedona arizona engagement photography551

So sweet!!

sedona arizona engagement photography570Such a babe in that deep blue dress!

sedona arizona engagement photography553sedona arizona engagement photography554

It felt like they were strolling through Europe!

sedona arizona engagement photography555sedona arizona engagement photography557

Tlaquepaque is such a romantic spot.

sedona arizona engagement photography558sedona arizona engagement photography559

sedona arizona engagement photography571

These two love reading, so we got to incorporate some of their favorite classics!

sedona arizona engagement photography560sedona arizona engagement photography562

Cutest teacher I ever did see.

sedona arizona engagement photography576

sedona arizona engagement photography572

sedona arizona engagement photography574Love them!

sedona arizona engagement photography561sedona arizona engagement photography563



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  1. Teri Dahmen

    These photos are GORGEOUS!
    Krystin is my niece so I am a very
    proud aunt but these two are beautiful
    inside and out. Krystin & Collin are really funny and so easy to be around.
    Can’t wait for their wedding and to watch them grow and entertain us for many many more years to come……….

  2. Yvonne Pinckard

    Wow…..what beautiful pictures! You captured Krystin and Collin’s love and love for life. Chloe dog looks good too. Gina I can’t wait to meet you and your husband. Looking forward, to the wedding and the pictures that will follow. Thank you, your work is beautiful.

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