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Melissa and Johnathan’s San Francisco Engagement

Love can throw us for loops, make us question what we want out of life, and push us forward in ways we never imagined. For Melissa and Johnathan, weathering storms and still finding one another when the clouds parted has made them inseparable.

Johnathan and Melissa both work in finance and met at their office. With demanding careers, they cherish the opportunities to get away, experience new scenery, and dine in some amazing spots. Being foodies at heart that love new adventure, San Francisco has always been a favorite jaunt for the two. Having Johnathan’s family in Northern California means frequenting the city as often as possible.

Melissa is amazing. She’s so upbeat and cheerful, engaging, and plain FUN to be around! Johnathan is so driven, and having accomplished so much at such a young age, it’s obvious this man will be successful at whatever chooses to do in life. He’s incredibly generous, dedicated to his passions, and wants the very best for the people he loves. That last part? You better believe this overflows to his sweetheart, and his adoration for her shows in the ways he talks about her happiness and wanting to care for her. For a couple that works hard and enjoys the finer things, they’re so balanced, so down to earth, and so special.

We were beyond excited to hear that these two, who are tying the knot in Scottsdale, wanted to be in San Francisco for their engagement photos. We loved shooting them so much we’re already counting down the days until their wedding with Ashley Gain!

Johnathan and Melissa, we {not so} secretly hoped you’d never leave. It feels like we’ve known you forever, and we’re so blessed that God would bring such an amazing and inspiring couple into our lives. Miss you so much, but had the best time gallivanting across town with you! BIG hugs from the bay.


Melissa and Johnathan Eng001Loving the hustle and bustle of the city.

Melissa and Johnathan Eng003 san francisco engagement013

















Lot’s of cheers from the cable cars!

san francisco engagement020

san francisco engagement011Love those laughs.

san francisco engagement022san francisco engagement035

san francisco engagement029-EditSwooning over her red bottoms. Good taste, Johnathan!

san francisco engagement034


san francisco engagement050Melissa, you are absolutely stunning.

san francisco engagement043-Editsan francisco engagement041-Edit


san francisco engagement042-Edit-2-2Flawless makeup by Imelda Carrasco.

san francisco engagement046-Editsan francisco engagement048

san francisco engagement063san francisco engagement065

Johnathan looked impeccable! Pretty sure we’ll see this on the cover of Forbes someday.

san francisco engagement073san francisco engagement074

Melissa and Johnathan Eng074This pink is perfection!

san francisco engagement089He had her ring custom made.

san francisco engagement099san francisco engagement093

san francisco engagement095Too sweet.

san francisco engagement107

san francisco engagement115san francisco engagement119

san francisco engagement130


I am in looooove with these photos. So genuine.

san francisco engagement120san francisco engagement121

Melissa and Johnathan Eng113Miss you madly. XOXO!!

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  1. Bella

    Wow! Gorgeous.

  2. Grandma

    So proud!

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