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San Francisco, Here we Come!

Well. We’re moving to San Francisco… TONIGHT! Ahhh!!

Marcus was offered a promotion in SF, hence our move, but this will also be the new branch of GM Photography! And luckily, Phoenix will stay as a local market for us because we’ll be back and forth so much.

In my mind, this transition seems to be unfolding at the speed of lightening. And if you didn’t know we were leaving, then it IS lightening! It’s been painfully hard for me to say goodbye to the deep and soulful relationships we’ve grown richer from here in Phoenix. I’ve also lost my mind over having to leave Paisley, our dog, for the year. Ugh! Can you even handle it?

san francisco2I believe there is real value in planting roots, investing long-term in people’s lives, and choosing to live extraordinarily in the mundane… But I also believe that God calls us to trust him when He says ‘GO’. This is clearly a ‘GO’ moment for us. Guys, it’s insane how seamlessly everything has unfolded and the overwhelming affirmation we’ve gotten with door, after door, after door being opened for us (which I’ll be blogging after we’re settled). God has been abundantly gentle with me, answering massive requests in miraculous ways, and being faithful in the tiniest desires of my heart.

One of the coolest and most unexpected blessings has been experiencing Marcus lead us through this transition. He isĀ incredible. Truly. This man’s patience with my frail and wavering emotions, his firm convictions and faith in the plans set before us, and his heart in preparing us as a family, rocks me.

san franciscoGod is perfection embodied, and because of that, all that flows from Him is too. Every good and perfect thing stems from Him, so I KNOW that His plans for our life are perfect. The more I know Him, abide in Him, and trust Him, the closer my desires align with His. And as I turn to Him for rest and peace, the scary and unknown circumstances surrounding me will. not. shake. me.

Exhale. So now that I’ve FINALLY gotten through the hard part of announcing our move… we can celebrate! What an amazing city we have the privilege of exploring! We’re ecstatic to be joining our pastor at Redemption SF, losing our minds in the endless amazing food, our fireplace that will be burning wood 24/7, building a new community and exploring Northern California with my sweetheart. Our new home is in historic Russian Hill on the trolley line! SO darling and quintessential San Francisco.

Much more to come! Thank you to the many women who have encouraged me, prayed for us, hugged me for way too long because I wouldn’t let go, and supported this transition. So, so thankful.


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  1. Sarah Bradshaw

    Eeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! Soooo excited for you and this new adventure! (And that means we have all the more reason to want to visit SF!)

  2. Bella

    The beginning of so much more for both of you.

  3. Alyssa

    I think of you guys frequently! We are very excited for you! And pray that you have all of your hearts desires! We also hope you don’t miss Paisley too much!

  4. diana elizabeth

    How awesome and yes lightening news! SF is so wonderful (my dad was born there and I’m a Nor Cal born girl), you will fit in so well and you will treasure this time for however long you will be there. How wonderful to know you are both being obedient to his calling! Save travels and happy exploring my friend!

  5. Babbo

    Certainly a beautiful post and very heartfelt. As a friend put it “Gina certainly knows how to pick great cities!” First internationally known Syracuse, NY ; then Phoenix, AZ. and now San Francisco, CA. What an adventure this will be for the two of you. As you continue to grow in this journey called life, may you experience life to the fullest and all it has to offer and God prepares you both for great things. All my best and love to you! xoxo Babbo

  6. Jasmine star

    Sooooooo happy for you!!! Congrats dear friends!!

  7. Hannah

    Love this! Your so beautiful Gina… Inside and out!! God is in complete control… I love your willingness to just let go and let god do his work!

  8. Emily Walsh

    Hi Gina! Just got done reading up on your blog and had a quick question. I was hoping that you could email me back when you get the chance. Thanks!

    Emily : )

  9. Meg

    OOOh I love it! You’ll love SF. If you ever need some recommendations, let me know!

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